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Business & Corporate Disputes


Tim represents businesses and the individuals that run or own them defending and pursuing a broad range of adversarial proceedings including business and commercial litigation involving claims of breach of contract, unfair competition, buisness torts and fraud.  Tim also advises and advocates for clients in all manner of private and public corporate disputes such as shareholder derivative and direct lawsuits concerning fiduciary obligations or statutory rights, and disputes over corporate governance.

Securities & Financial Litigation


Tim represents clients in disputes over alleged state and federal securities law violations, as well as other alleged financial or investment misconduct.  Tim represents both companies and individuals in securties fraud and insider trading matters.

Contract Review & Drafting


Tim reviews and drafts contracts for his clients with the insight of a litigator who has experience of resolving contract disputes.  Tim has broad experience in transactional and compliance matters, including drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements including sponsored research, license, material transfer, non-disclosure, patent purchase, and service agreements.  

Trade Secret Protection


Tim advises clients on safeguarding their valuable trade secrets.  He provides counseling on the development and maintenence of a legally sufficient and effective protection plan, as well as the best practices for addressing issues that arise with the hiring and departure of employees and contractors with access to confidential information.  When conflicts arise, Tim protects his clients' trade secrects though litigation, including actions for trade secret missappropriation and breach of confidentiality or license agreements.

Executive Employment Agreements & Disputes


Tim counsels businesses and individuals on the issues that arise from the hiring, employment and departure of executives and key employees.  Through agreements and litigation, Tim can address the unique issues often facing high level employees such as executive compensation, indemnification, authority, equity ownership, insider trading, and intellectual property rights.

Internal, Independent & Government Investigations


Tim counsels and conducts independent investigations for corporate clients into allegations by whistleblowers or concerns identified by compliance staff on serious matters of accounting and financial fraud, employment discrimination, or breaches of duty or company policy by staff and executives.  Tim helps companies respond to government investigations or conduct internal investigations to gain cooperation credit and avoid the most serious penalties.  Tim assists companies in taking proactive steps with the development of whistleblower and internal investigation policies.  Tim also counsels and represents individual executives and key employees who are potential witnesses or targets in investigations.


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